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Started immediately with the daily notes

Looked into the three types of templates : [[Literature notes (notes on the reference itself)]] [[Permanent notes (summaries of thoughts)]] [[Reference notes]]

Created Daily Note Template to add a daily note tag to all those notes

Started creating a Concepts folder, with People as a sub category. Trying to find unlinked instances in my notes.

Tried migrating my work journal over from Google Docs but the mass conversion to .md files wasn't feasible.

Started syncing via the Microsoft OneDrive, but then wanted to use it on my iPhone so moved my vault to iCloud. This caused some sync issues and lost data, particularly when working on a Windows machine. Considering moving to Obsidian Sync, but that's almost the same cost as Roam Research's cost.

Started using slides to turn my work notes into my presentations for [[Staff meeting slides 2-15]].

Started using attachments, moved attachments folder and templates folder to an Admin folder.

Started trying to recreate my work journal, putting Conferences as a folder.

Migrated my work junk journal and personal junk journal into several notes, by using the "extract current selection" function.

Ongoing [[Obsidian ideas]] including pushing to Git to create free published sites.

Sync issues

I was having issues syncing with iCloud using obsidian on my phone, which I really enjoy. Much better than putting things into the notes app, although I can still use siri for that if my hands aren't free. I decided to go with Obsidian Sync, although I did take another look at Roam Research if I was going to be paying. I feel like there are lots of stories of people moving from Roam to Obsidian for reasons I agree with (can't remember now).

Obsidian Sync was doing this weird thing where it was doubling my Daily Notes. Not creating copies of the files, but when I opened it up on a new computer or my phone, it overwrote the daily note I already had, or doubled the text by adding the template to the bottom. I realized I needed to turn off the "open daily note" setting in Daily Notes, to give the Sync an opportunity to pull in that day's note.

Finally deleted my Google docs shortcuts from my bookmark bar for my work journal, junk journal, and work junk journal.

Git push

Used GitHub - jobindj/obsidian-publish-mkdocs: A Template to Publish Obsidian/Foam Notes on Github Pages (uses MkDocs) to publish to a Git page.

My Obsidian journey - obsidian-mkdocs template